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ACM India Summer School

on Algorithmic and Theoretical Aspects of Machine Learning 2019

at IIIT-Bangalore22nd July, 2019


Prof. Srinivas Vivek

(on behalf of Profs. Meenakshi D’Souza, G. Srinivasaraghavan and Pradeesha Ashok)


The ACM India Summer School on Algorithmic and Theoretical Aspects of Machine Learning 2019 was organised by and held at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) from 10th-28th June, 2019. This event was sponsored by Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) India and co-sponsored by Microsoft and Mphasis Foundation. The website for the school is The lectures have been video recorded by NPTEL/Swayam and will be made available shortly after post-processing.

Internal Speakers:

  • Pradeesha Ashok, IIIT Bangalore
  • Srinivas Vivek, IIIT Bangalore
  • Meenakshi D’Souza, IIIT Bangalore
  • G. Srinivasaraghavan, IIIT Bangalore
  • Amit Chattopadhyay, IIIT Bangalore

External Speakers:

  • Ajit Rajwade, IIT Bombay
  • Ganesh Ramakrishnan, IIT Bombay
  • Prashanth L.A., IIT Madras
  • Arpita Patra, IISc Bangalore
  • Praneeth Netrapalli, Microsoft Research India
  • Sriram Rajamani, Managing Director, Microsoft Research India
  • Jai Ganesh, Mphasis


ACM India sent out a call for registration in February and applicants directly applied to them. The organisers shortlisted 57 applicants in two rounds as per the guidelines of ACM India. Out of these 57, 45 were from outside of Bengaluru and the rest 12 were from the city. 44 of the total of 57 applicants attended at least 50% of the School and only these were provided the participation certificates. This list of regular attendees is given below.  The outstation participants were provided hostel accommodation. No fee was charged for the hostel guests’ accommodation and boarding. All the attendees were provided a registration kit, lunch and tea on all the days. During the first weekend, a movie was screened in the Institute for the participants. On 22nd June, the participants were taken out on an excursion to the Guhantara resort, Kanakapura Road.